Local community

Involving people, revitalizing the area

Vitae is open to the city and cares for the well-being of its residents with spaces that support a balance between work, culture and training as well as sport and relaxation initiatives, for a full physical and spiritual regeneration.

The building encourages citizens to participate and make use of its social spaces by offering high quality experiences, town hall meetings, and sharing information about nature, agriculture and the environment. This participatory ecosystem focuses on interaction, exchange, and active participation between Vitae users and the Milanese community, for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Spaces for social interaction

The green spiral

Public upward climb

Vitae for the city

An ecosystem of possibilities

Vitae is the evolution of the model of the Carthusian Charterhouse which, for a long time, connected the territory with the community. Its challenge is to bring the conceptual themes of the Certosa back into the urban context of Milan through a permeable building, which involves the community in a new way through nature, culture, well-being and entertainment.

A landmark development project in Milan.

Vitae operates in synergy with the Symbiosis business district, south of the Porta Romana. Together, they introduce a previously unimaginable model of the future.

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