Full integration between the new building and its district

The Via Serio site is located south of the former Porta Romana rail yard. Built in the late 19th century at the same time as the southern belt, the railway infrastructure has dictated the functional and formal uses of this part of the city and created the current cityscape, torn between its industrial roots and its urban district ambitions.

Recent initiatives have attempted to enhance and beautify the neighbourhood to blend and highlight its two identities, leading to a change in the landscape from 2015: the opening of Fondazione Prada and the concept of “virtuous building” implemented by Symbiosis have reinstated high-quality, liveable public spaces to the city.

The Serio site is a bridge between the cultural-economic identity and the residential one. It is a place intended for education, research, culture and innovation, aiming to spearhead the future development of the neighbourhood and of the whole city.
Smart City


The Vitae project can be accessed through Augmented Reality. The service, developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and environmental psychologists, is available at various levels, ranging from information and project storytelling to co-design.

Pervasive mobile

Pervasive connectivity provides live information on traffic, public transport services, and the availability of bike-, car- or moped-sharing services. It connects people, devices and the building’s Central Office. 5G connectivity and sensors enable comprehensive, efficient and reliable data collection, digitalising Vitae’s information in real time.

An evolving area

Vitae and symbiosis are changing the geography of the city

Vitae operates in synergy with the Symbiosis business district, which is located a short walk away. The Symbiosis district is a regenerated and fully sustainable area, south of Porta Romana, that offers an ideal balance between productivity, efficiency and quality of life. It is ideally connected to the rest of the city and is surrounded by showrooms, museums, universities, business headquarters, research centres, and international destinations, such as the iconic Fondazione Prada.

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Symbiosis - Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel ©

Symbiosis - Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel ©

Symbiosis - Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel ©

Green and blue infrastructure

Preserving local ecosystems

The European Commission adopted a new biodiversity strategy in 2011 with the key objective of: “preserving and enhancing ecosystems and related services through green and blue infrastructure and the restoration of at least 15% of degraded ecosystems.” Vitae responded with a far-reaching strategic plan of ecosystem services: the natural and semi-natural urban park, terrace vegetable gardens, and the green working and social spaces bring environmental elements to the south-eastern area of Milan.

A landmark development project in Milan.

Vitae operates in synergy with the Symbiosis business district, south of the Porta Romana. Together, they introduce a previously unimaginable model of the future.

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